What is Lifelong Anonymity? & Who has it? From Evil Jon Venables to the 6 others granted lifelong protection by UK Law!

With it only this week back again all over the News and Papers after evil Jon Venables the killer of innocent toddler James Bulger was re arrested for indecent images of children again!!, and many other serious court order violations, is locked back up for severe breaches. We look at what is lifelong anonymity and who has it in the UK. Out of the 7 individuals that have been granted it are the likes of Jon Venables. With calls for his to be removed after a ITV poll some 95% of people and also a parliament petition signed by thousands calling for him to have it removed as it continuously costs the UK Tax Payer Millions upon Millions to protect this evil repeat offender!

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So what is lifelong anonymity,……

Under current legislation, child suspects are granted automatic anonymity in the youth courts and are routinely granted the same if they appear at crown court aside from exceptional circumstances. But once a child turns 18, their name can be reported. Lifelong anonymity is put in place by courts rarely and is usually in only the most infamous and horrific cases. Adult criminals have also been given new identities over fears of a vigilante attack. There are currently 7 infamous criminals whose crimes are so notorious they have been given lifetime anonymity. Using the 1998 Human Rights Act, killers and their accomplices can successfully argue the threats to their lives from vigilante groups are so great, they should be entitled to round-the-clock police protection and a new life when they are freed from prison. Government guidelines demand those applying to the High Court for new identities as their release date approaches must prove their lives would be at risk without anonymity. Their new lives are paid for by the taxpayer – sometimes costing millions of pounds for a new name, National Insurance number and passport. Only a tiny group consisting of a senior official in the Public Protection Unit at the Ministry of Justice, up to two probation officers and a designated police officer working in the area where the criminal lives knows their true identity.

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Who has lifelong anonymity,…

The Edlington brothers


Known as the “Evil Devil Brothers” they were 10 and 11 when they tortured two young boys in a horrific 2009 attack. Very similar case to that of evil Thompson & Venables for the murder and torture of toddler James Bulger. They launched their ferocious 90-minute assault on their two victims aged 9 and 11 in a rubbish-strewn ravine in Edlington, South Yorks. The attackers, threw boulders at the boys’ heads, whipped them with sticks and tried to strangle one. The victims were forced to eat nettles, strip and were covered with plastic which was set alight. Their eyelids were also burned with cigarettes before they were forced to abuse each other. One of the children abused begged: “Leave me to die.” these evil brothers have been awarded lifelong anonymity from the Courts.

Martin McGartland


In this case of organised crime and terrorism the criminal Republican supergrass had been leading a double life as “Agent Carol” since the mid-1980s, rising steadily through the ranks of the IRA and Sinn Fein while all the time passing information to his RUC and Special Branch handlers. Exposed in 1991, he escaped IRA execution by jumping from a third-floor window and was subsequently moved to England and given nearly £100,000 to buy a house and build a new life under a new identity in Whitley Bay, North Tyneside. Six years later, he claimed his cover was blown when he was charged by Northumbria police with holding driving licences in different names. In 1999, in an attack blamed on the IRA, he was shot six times in the stomach by two men. McGartland was moved to a new secret location and placed under the protection of MI5; his life is still considered in danger.

Mary Bell


Another case of anonymity being granted to killers released from prison whose own safety is thought to be at risk because they could be the target of revenge attacks for their evil crimes. Injunctions barring the publication of their whereabouts, or of any information likely to lead to their identification, are often referred to as Mary Bell orders, after the 11-year-old girl convicted in December 1968 of the double manslaughter of Martin Brown, four, and Brian Howe, three. Both were strangled. Bell was released from prison in 1980 and granted anonymity under a new name. In 2003 the order was extended to her daughter, born in 1984, after the pair’s whereabouts was discovered by reporters.

Robert Thompson and Jon Venables


These evil perverse boys were 10 years old in 1993 when they beat two-year-old James Bulger to death after luring him away from his mother in a Merseyside shopping centre and dragging him 2 miles to a railway line. where they beat him with metal poles and bricks followed by more sickening violent and perverse acts. The pair, who were identified by name only after their conviction, were the youngest people to be charged with murder in England in the 20th century; public revulsion at the killing prompted death threats against their parents, who were moved to different parts of the country and given new identities. Soon after the trial, a court injunction was imposed preventing the publication of any details about the boys; it remained in force following their release, on a life licence in 2001, after serving eight years in a secure young offenders’ institution. Despite numerous rumours and press reports, the identities and whereabouts of Thompson and Venables remain secret. But with Venables repeat offending he is now the number one target in prisons all over the country with a price on his head and prisoners with mobiles reportedly circulating a new image of what he looks like after being locked up again recently.

Maxine Carr


A unique case, in that she was neither witness nor killer. Carr provided a false alibi for her then boyfriend, Ian Huntley, during the police investigation into the August 2002 murders of the 10-year-olds Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman in Soham, Cambridgeshire. Convicted of perverting the course of justice, she was sentenced to 42 months in prison and released in May 2004 after serving half her term. After receiving a number of death threats, she was placed under round-the-clock police protection and in February 2005 won a lifetime injunction from the high court safeguarding her new identity indefinitely. Despite this, she has reportedly been recognised and forced to move home, with her police guard, at least a dozen times in the past two years. Women from Kilbride to Cornwall have been threatened after being mistaken for her.

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The Bottom Line,……

This is again a hot debate in the UK because of Venables and his sick depravity. There is no doubt that when used right and for the right reasons like high-profile criminal cases for witnesses or the case of serious victims who want to remain unknown and not to have their names all over the media and the press anonymity is a great thing. But when the order has been floated and abused like Venables has done, should he have his right of this removed? that is what the petition is calling for and will be debated on as he has proven to be a repeat offender he could be near your home or your children or family that is not something to bear thinking about.

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