6 Everyday things we use, that Adolf Hitler helped or Created!

There is no introduction needed here as everyone is aware of what Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany did in their reign. Whilst historically the evil / bad will always be prominent and never forgotten the Nazis and Adolf Hitler in the early days before the horrendous persecution of the Jews etc actually did some great things for Germany some great local / national policies in infrastructure, welfare, warfare, medicine and inventions that changed the world, and are still repeated and used today. Is it no wonder that the UK, USA and Russia took the top Nazi officials, inventors and scientists that were not caught up in the Holocaust.

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Below are the 6 things Adolf Hitler personally created / oversaw or ordered that we still use today.

6) The term and weapon Assault Rifle:

One of there first weapon systems to act as a modern Assault Rifle was created by the Nazis. Adolf Hitler grew frustrated as a soldier in WW1 the lack of effective fire one soldier could lay down on the enemy. so the Nazis with Hitlers input created the worlds first Assault Rifle the MP44 and he coined the name AR. But here more so we are concentrating on the term Assault Rifle which Hitler was said to have come up with himself obviously in the German variant of the word whilst watching the test rifle in action. This term is used everyday throughout the world.

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5) Fake News / Lugenpresse:

Hitler pushed out and coined the term in German Lugenpresse ( Fake / Lying – press ) when the Jewish community had a lot of say in local / national papers Hitler targeted them when they reported he and his parties antics and street brawls. To which he coined the term lugenpresse that he and his followers used. They also used this for the foreign press especially the American which he claimed was a puppet of the Jews. He was so effective at this that most the nation used the term and believed it without doubt. Donald Trump recently claimed he was the architect of this theory and first to use the world but Hitler did in the 1930s.

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4) Volkswagen:

Hitler was frustrated that more families were not able to have an affordable car so he pushed Volkswagen to the forefront and even helped design the now still used Beetle. As marketed even today as the most affordable German Car. The word Volkswagen means people car in German. so when people are sitting in that brand or specific car they’re sitting in something personally helped / designed by Hitler. Another fact is that Hitlers personal friend also helped him in the designs that friend was no other than Ferdinand Porsche creator of the Porsche brand today.

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3) Hugo Boss:

This one is no great shock to some of you, but will be to others. Hugo Boss was a failing nearly bankrupt business in the early days of the Nazis. As it was about to go under Hugo  Ferdinand Boss personally reached out to Hitler as he was also a massive supporter and Nazi party member. So Hitler sanctioned his business to design all the SS and all other Nazi uniforms they were regarded by the UK soldiers as “look as the Bosch they have style” his designs were a big hit. Now his brand is one of the most worn and used world-wide.

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2) Jet Turbines / Power

We use jet powered air travel everyday, from military to commercial travel. Hitler sanctioned and pushed the development / research of jet power as he recognised the UK were winning the battle for the air with their spitfire which the Nazis couldn’t match. so Hitler ordered his scientists and personally oversaw the first jet powered plane and its maiden flight is on the web for all to see. It was a Messerschmitt with one turbine under each wing. The allies new Hitler was close to mass producing this after his final tests so brought forward the final invasion plans, because if the Nazis mass-produced their prototype it would’ve changed the game completely.

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1) The Missile:

We hear all the time in the news about nuclear nations and North Korea rogue testing missiles. But again with the same detail as the above Hitler again took interest and ordered his scientists with his input to create the now used worldwide missile, which started life as the V-2 rocket raining terror on England as an unmanned rocket. These weapons effect all warfare and how nations act today and started life as an idea in Hitler and his scientists heads.

The Bottom Line,……

There is no doubt that Hitler and his scientists were pioneers in warfare and everyday life the list is actually endless what could have been used. Is it no wonder that the allies had a mad rush to get the documents and scientists first before the other did. This takes nothing away from the evilness that was created and committed by the Nazis. But there is no doubt they changed the world even today using everyday items that was either thought up or created by Hitler or his team.

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