10 Signs, are you a genius? & don’t know it!

There are many things associated with genius and someone who is a genius, so recent polls took into account a makeup of traits, beliefs and mannerisms that are common in most people who excel in life and who are more intelligent all rounders. Whilst everyone points to the IQ test as a sign of intelligence and genius it is a good indicator but you blanket genius by this one score. For example you have multiple different ways to show your genius. Dr Howard Gardner coined the term ‘multiple intelligence.’ This is the idea that Mozart and Einstein were both geniuses, but in different ways. Dr. Gardner said that ‘Intelligence is the ability to create useful products and solve everyday problems,’ which equates to how marketable your skills are. If you are able to make money doing the thing that you are a genius at, you have a high level of intelligence in that area whether an entrepreneur, actor, athlete, scientist, teacher etc,…..

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So below lets look at the common traits that you may have and not know it, that a lot of successful people have in them! after recent surveys of their makeup.


1) You are very picky who your partner is & who you have sex with.

Men and women who had higher intelligence tended to have fewer sexual partners than those who had more hookups. The number of sexual partners for those who enrolled at the top universities has also been found to be lower than those of students at less prestigious universities. But these geniuses also spent more on sex toys than students at the less intellectual colleges. People with higher IQ also tend to be monogamous and also have fewer children or no children.

2) You just don’t fit in sometimes or don’t want to.

Geniuses sometimes don’t fit in with the rest of the crowd. They see the world a little differently than most and often have a quirky sense of style. Often, they are ridiculed by others for their unusual ideas. whether business ideas career moves or how they look and value life their big ideas scare small minds!

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3) They have a small circle of select friends.

Often to go in hand with the above, a smart / genius person has no time for drama and people’s neediness, so he / her will have only a hand full of close real friends. Often people like-minded with the same ideals and values, this lessons a waste of their time which they see as precious on other things of more importance than energy zapping wasters. Intelligent people are not popularity seekers!

4) Physical attributes.

Some characteristics make a difference when it comes to genius, often people with blue eyes or blue in their eyes performed better at school, people who worked out and had slim builds performed better than people that were large, recent studies at Harvard found.

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5) The listen, learn.

Another sign that you might be a genius is if you are a good listener. People who are geniuses are excellent learners and in order to absorb as much information as they can, they listen intently to any source of information. Which then helps them learn new ways and be innovative to solve problems.

6) The written and spoken word.

People with a vast vocabulary who often use words not much used or forgotten usually excel in life, this sometimes leads to bad grammar or sloppy writing as their brain is working so fast and so creative full of ideas the hand can’t keep up, putting your ideas down on paper, doctors of high intelligence are infamous for hard to read sloppy handwriting.

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7) You talk to yourself.

Do not worry you aren’t going mad. Against popular belief, talking to yourself can imply you might be a genius or at least, you’re an intelligent human being, studies have found. Talking to yourself can alleviate stress, provides a cognitive boost and allows you to focus more clearly on the task at hand.

8) You prefer cats to dogs.

Unfortunately for dog people, studies have found that people who prefer cats are more intelligent. Cat lovers were found to be more introverted, open-minded and more likely to be non-conformists. The animal you choose to favour is mainly dependent upon your personality type, the study found.

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9) You constantly challenge yourself.

A true genius never stops challenging themselves. They are never content with simply learning the bare minimum. They constantly stimulate their brain with mind-bending games, illusions, riddles–you name it. They aren’t happy with average.

10) The Daydreamer.

Your daydreaming may be frowned upon by modern society, but don’t let the naysayers get you down. Daydreaming and taking breaks is actually a big sign of creative genius and success. It is the children and adults who spend time daydreaming that end up being some of the most successful the world has seen. If you constantly think of money and ways to attract it you will. As daydreaming unlocks parts of your brain where creativity and problem solving flows. If you literally want something bad enough, it is always on your mind and you act on it, you’ll get it!.

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Whilst only listing 10 attributes as there are many more these are the most common 10 in people. Do you have any of these? so next time you are frowned upon or looked at different remember you are going places you will live life and excel whilst all the popularity seekers never progress from stage 1.

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