The problem with the Army & is this the worst job in the British Army?!

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Recent unofficial letters received to the press from unhappy soldiers and through freedoms of information, also listed on the 10 worst jobs throughout 2005 – 2016 and relevant now. Is that of The Foot Guards and Household Division, and this is said to be the worst job in the military for reasons talked bout below. Whilst yes it is prestigious and your parents might be proud, but over 75% hate the job, they dislike why and what they do it for, as most see it as a punishment.

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The Queen is in danger of losing the Guard at Buckingham Palace as Royal protection suffers its worst recruitment crisis in its history, Foot Guards are failing to meet manpower targets in 3 of 5 regiments, Scots, Irish and Welsh Guards have fewer Guardsman than necessary, With unhappiness rife in the household division as well as the rest of the teeth arms, Ministry of Defence insists they have enough soldiers to fulfil duties. The elite infantry regiments that protect the Queen are facing the worst recruitment crisis in their history. The Foot Guards, which defend the main royal palaces, are failing to meet manpower targets in three of its five regiments. The Scots, Irish and Welsh Guards all have fewer Guardsman – the equivalent rank of private – than is required to be defined as operationally effective, and only some years back in 2014 only the intervention from the Queen stopped the Coldstream Guards from being disbanded through dire retention and recruitment whilst they have managed to pick this up in this regiment, satisfaction still remains dangerously low, with a picked up economy and civilian wages people are leaving in droves both in the Guards which is seen as the worst job in the Army ( Defence Force ) but the army in general. Which is now under 77000 fully trained soldiers and that number is even lower when taking into account fully fit deployable personnel and then that of the teeth arms, infantry / armoured corps which brings that number even lower!. 

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But going back to the point of the job in hand troops who protect the royal palaces and the Tower of London are forced to live in “atrocious” accommodation and undertake a variety of tasks that senior officers describe as “constituting real and unique pain” and “onerous, debilitating, repetitive and an unattractive recruiting draw”. It is a massive myth that this is now an attractive prestigious job done so as more to draw tourists than anything else!. whilst spending all your time doing drill and prepping kit you soon find out life is passing you by. Whilst the general soldier now has low morale that of a guard is even lower, now not making a sweeping judgement saying all of them but this is the vast majority.

There is no denying the army can and does give you great life skills and disciplines, qualifications and travel, but unfortunately the cons these days outweigh the pros!

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The Bottom Line,….

Whilst we have focused really on one type of job here and it speaks for itself as evidence reported in the news, in major papers you can find, but the army is facing a real problem with regiment after regiment people signing off and leaving in large numbers that will lead to disbandment / crippling of some regiments, the open door army that the door is open one way to leave, struggling to recruit whilst spending millions on fancy recruitment adverts of This is Belonging, they forget the total job dissatisfaction and disillusionment of its already work force, annoyed with bad pay increases, no family time / personal life, people in roles and making decisions that shouldn’t be, horrendous accommodation and so on. Society has changed and the army can’t keep up with new expectations! As far as the guards job do you agree with what has been reported? is there a role missed?


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3 thoughts on “The problem with the Army & is this the worst job in the British Army?!

  1. how about being a Rcmt then recap badgeing and being promised the earth and now suffering with ptsd brought out by tje coc and how idiotic they are and the fact now that pte soldiers that transferred across from havei g done tours and seen real casuatlys can no longer do that job because in a nut shell we arnt academic enough for the in camp roles and were not barrack room soldiers when wo1s are inspecting you and they have less medals it says it all really


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