From JFK to Trump, the smartest 6 US Presidents by iQ Score!

From when it was free from the British Colonies to its founding and independence in July 1776 The United states of America has had many clever not so clever and memorable Presidents. But which are the most clever as rated by their iQ score?, here we look at just that the top 6 US Presidents as rated from 6-1 just on their score of intelligence. Who did WIN @ LIFE or is winning and yes some might shock you some might not see below for the results!

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Below the 6 best Presidents from 6-1 on iQ

6) Woodrow Wilson


Woodrow Wilson was the 28th president and leader of the Progressive Movement. He had an IQ of 152. Wilson was the president of Princeton University from 1902 to 1910 before serving as the governor of New Jersey from 1911 to 1913. After he was elected President, Wilson began pushing for anti-trust legislation which culminated in the signing of the Federal Trade Commission Act in September 1914. He is perhaps best remembered for his speech, “Fourteen Points,” which he presented to Congress towards the end of World War I. The speech articulated Wilson’s long-term war objectives, one of the most famous being the establishment of a League of Nations — a preliminary version of today’s United Nations.

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5) Bill Clinton 


William Jefferson “Bill” Clinton was the 42nd President, serving from 1993-2001. He has an IQ of 156. After graduating from Georgetown, winning a Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford University, and earning a law degree from Yale in 1973, Clinton was elected governor of Arkansas in 1978. He went on to win the presidency with Al Gore as his running mate in 1992 and is perhaps best remembered for his efforts brokering peace in Ireland and the Balkans. Although known infamously by the scandal that has dogged him for years as he ( did not have sexual relations with that woman ) hmmmmm.

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4) Donald Trump 


Donald Trump is very well-known now for the apprentice USA and his exploits on twitter with his unusual but effective it seems leadership style which led him to be US President, he is also known for building a powerhouse of wealth and businesses throughout the 1980’s and 90’s to present day with his now powerful and influential family. But lets look at his iQ now there has been much debate to his iQ score as many have questioned it but here it is and the facts surrounding it. Donald Trump graduated from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania in 1968, with a Bachelor of Science degree in economics and anthropology. Mensa doesn’t accept SAT scores from after 1994. However, Mr. Trump was a student at Wharton when it was possible to derive an accurate IQ from known SAT scores. Given the usual requirements for admission to a top school like Wharton, Mr. Trump would have a 156 IQ.

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3) John F Kennedy ( JFK )


John Fitzgerald Kennedy was the 35th president of the US, serving less than 3 years before he was assassinated in 1963. He had an IQ of 158. Kennedy graduated from Harvard in 1940 and joined the Navy shortly thereafter, suffering grave injuries while serving in combat in World War II. He was elected president in 1960 and gave one of the most memorable inaugural addresses in recent memory, saying, “Ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country.” He is perhaps best remembered for his successful fiscal programs which greatly expanded the US economy and his push for civil rights legislation that would enhance equal rights. He is one of the most loved Presidents not only in the US but worldwide also!. With his no-nonsense approach to any aggressor.

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2) Thomas Jefferson 


Thomas Jefferson was an American Founding Father and served as the country’s third president between 1801–1809. He had an IQ of 160, according to Simonton’s estimates. Jefferson graduated from the College of William and Mary before going on to study law. He was a notably bad public speaker, according to White House records. He reluctantly ran for president after gradually assuming leadership of the Republican party. As a staunch federalist and advocate of states’ rights, Jefferson strongly opposed a strong centralized Government. One of his first policy initiatives after becoming President was to eliminate a highly unpopular tax on Whiskey.

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1) John Adams


John Adams was the second president from 1797 to 1801, after serving as the nation’s first vice president under George Washington. He had an IQ of 173, according to Simonton’s estimates. Adams studied law at Harvard and was an early supporter of the movement for US independence from the British Empire. Ambitious and intellectual he frequently complained to his wife that the office of Vice President was insignificant. He is perhaps best remembered for his skills in diplomacy, helping to negotiate a peace treaty during the Revolutionary War and avoiding a war with France during his Presidency.

The Bottom Line,……

Whilst to the non US citizens and some US these names might shock you either people you didn’t know or people you wouldn’t have expected to be on this list but this list is rated solely on iQ it’s for history and time to really judge what a President is like and how good and effective they are. What did you think of the list is there anyone you would’ve liked to have seen?

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